Who said that "Who Said That" is an episode of the first season of Baby Looney Tunes. It is about Daffy controlling anger without using swear words. The unknown swear word is always censored with the sound of a rubber ducky. It first came from the garbage man, and then when Daffy Duck pressed the incorrect color shape, he gets so frustrated, he used a swear word from the garbageman, and then Granny told Daffy to calm himself down and by not using any swear words at all.


  • This episode is making use of the TV Tropes term "Innocent Swearing", which basically means swearing when you don't know the meaning of the swear, and happens in several episodes of other shows.
  • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck were playing a game of Copy-Catter before Daffy swears. This is a parody of Simon.
  • The words that Daffy used were sometimes used in total drama.
  • Other times when Daffy was frustrated but didn't say the swear, were him dropping his bread and jam, him wanting a turn riding in the wagon and accidentally hurting himself.
  • At the end, Granny tells Daffy to stop talking, but he still talks when he's all grown up.
  • The rubber duck censored a bad word that Daffy says.
  • Daffy wonders if the swear is a word in a "special garbage man language".
  • When Daffy presses the square button, it said ALERT! ALERT!