Baby Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and Petunia Pig are playing with a kite which is resting under a tree. Baby Bugs Bunny tells Petunia that if there was a big enough wind to blow the kite, she could fly. When bugs bunny bites the carrot, a tooth falls out so they go to Granny and say that the carrot has grown a tooth but Granny says to Baby Bugs Bunny that it is his baby tooth. Bugs doesn't know what to do with his tooth, and Petunia tells him that he should make a necklace out of it. Granny says he should put his tooth under the pillow because the tooth fairy would come.

Then it was night. He tells his story about his tooth. Daffy wonders what for the tooth. Bugs Bunny tells him that the tooth fairy would get the tooth and leave a coin under the pillow when you're asleep. Granny tells the kids that it's their bedtime and Daffy asks if he can have a carrot to make his tooth fall out. Granny tells him that ducks don't have teeth. Daffy is upset that ducks don't have teeth and the next day Bugs Bunny lifts up the pillow and finds a coin. Baby Taz wakes up and notices that he has a loose tooth. Daffy makes a plan to steal Taz's tooth. Daffy calls out to Taz to eat from the fridge and feeds him all foods (and a tire). Daffy then ties Taz's tooth with a rope to a doorknob but the knob breaks. When Taz is waiting for his tooth to fall out Bugs Bunny pulls it out for him and Daffy is shocked about that he just pulled the tooth.

He thinks up a plan that he should be the tooth fairy and dresses himself up as the tooth fairy. He steps on a toy rubber ducky but nobody is awake. However, when pulling out the teeth, Taz wakes up and shouts about the fake tooth fairy. Taz gives his tooth to Daffy while Daffy gives him a note that says: "i o u" it says that he owns him money so he can have it. Taz cries about his tooth and now he knows that was Daffy. Everyone iss angry at Daffy, including Granny. Daffy cries that he can't have teeth to grow up but granny tells him about moulting, and how he will grow up and have his baby feathers out and new ones will come, but Daffy does not have loose feathers. Granny says the feather fairy will take his feathers but since he does not have any falling feathers she lets him have a feather duster as his feathers. Then, the kids go to bed.


  • In this episode, Tweety does not appear.


  • Granny tells Baby Daffy Duck that ducks don't have teeth but when Daffy talks he appears to have teeth.