The episode starts where Granny tells them to go to sleep. Lola, Melissa, and Daffy don't want to sleep because Taz thinks it's snack time. Next, the loonies try to earn "Highest Bouncer" title. Tweety disagrees and goes to sleep. Bugs throws a pillow to make Daffy's bouncing lowered. Daffy does the same thing. Sylvester makes Tweety bounce higher than when she did it himself. The loonies keep fluffing the pillows and Granny checks them and reminds herself to restuff them. Granny tells the loonies about the sandman. Sylvetser is scared and decides to go to Bug's bed. Daffy tries to get under the covers and get scared. Taz actually walks in says he's thirsty. Bugs says to go to their own beds and sleep. Daffy will go to bed, but not sleep in it. Time passes. All the loonies find sand in their eyes, even Daffy. Daffy thinks the sandman is in their sandbox. Sylvester tricks the loonies that he is the sandman. Sylvester does not watch where he goes and is in a sandbox after he gets wrapped around a hose. Taz confuses Sylvester. Bugs mushes Sylvester. Granny tells why the sandman isn't real and is Granny's fault. The episode ends with Granny tells the loonies to go to sleep and Lola tries to scare Daffy.