Taz You Like It is an episode of Baby Looney Tunes.


Taz tries to play with Bugs and Daffy but they wont let him. He tries to play wit the girls but they wont let him. He tries to play with Sylvester and Tweety but they wont let him. Then he slips on a car and falls on a pillow making Sylvester laugh. He does more things and it makes the other babies laugh. Later he goofs around at dinner. Later when the babies take their bath he goofs around in the tub. Later at bedtime he does as well. Later while playing outside he continues to do crazy things and falls on his back. The others laugh. Taz cries. And everyone learns a lesson from it, even Daffy. The end.


This is the final time the babies ever wear diapers. Starting in "Band Together", all babies' bottoms are bare, except for Petunia, who starts wearing underpants.