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Tasmanian Devil
, better known as Baby Taz, is a toddler.


Baby Taz is a two year old Tasmanian Devil who hates baths.

As much as Baby Taz is well behaved, he often mistakes various objects for food and sometimes breaks things with his spin. He has a sense of fun which exceeds all the others and he is prone to being a crybaby. But sometimes he can be silly to the gang.

Baby Looney Tunes - 093 - The Tattletale-(004102)22-26-08-

Taz mad at Sylvester


  • None of the episodes show him wearing a diaper.
  • He is voiced by Ian James Corlett.
  • He is often tormemted and is the one usually having his stuff stolen "The Tattletale" "To Tell the Tooth" and "Takers Keepers" as proven.
  • He likes monkeys  (Flu the Coop).
  • He is prone to breaking things.
  • He doesn't appear in episode Card Bored Box.
  • He was born in 1998 because he is 2 years old.

Voice Actors

  • Ian James Corlett (US)
  • Yohei Tadano (Japan)
  • Leonardo Graziano (Italy)
  • Luis Daniel Ramirez (Latin America)
  • Cezary Kwieciński (Poland)
  • Guy Rushiniak (Israel)
  • José Leonardo (Brazil)
  • Paco Gazquez (Spain)
  • Mário Bomba (Portugal)
  • Háda János (Hungary)
  • Neculai Predica (Romania)



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