When Bugs, Lola and Sylvester build a sandcastle, Tweety asks if they could join them. But as he races to them, he trips on something and falls facefirst on the side of their castle. As he tries to rebuild it, the other half of the castle, it collapses. His friends were angry. Sylvester suggests that Tweety should do something else. Tweety dejectedly exits the sandcastle, he sees a shadow of himself when he enters the house. As Bugs, Lola and Sylvester were busy rebuilding their wrecked castle, Bugs finds a red toy truck under the sand. It has revealed that Tweety was truthful. As they were searching for Tweety, Tweety's ''special friend'' makes a monster, which scares Lola, Sylvester, and Bugs. As they were running around the house, afraid, the three babies hide and cower under the couch, showing their tails sticking up the bottom of their diapers. Tweety enters the room, and asks why they're under the couch. Later, Granny explains that Tweety's ''friend'' is a shadow, which is a dark shape coming from the rays of the sun.

Baby Looney Tunes Tweety Blowing a Raspberry


Baby Looney Tunes Bee Blows a Raspberry