The opening theme is a song played before every episode of the Baby Looney Tunes.

The song that they play is called "The Baby Looney Tunes Way" The music is quite catchy. The song is sung by Lisa Silver and Patty Way. There is also an instrumental of this song at the end of every episode. Baby Looney Tunes was the first and so far only show of the Looney Tunes Franchise to credit the theme song and singers during the credits first.


Hey there, everybody, it's a Looney-ful day

To have a little fun the "Baby Looney Tunes" way.

There's lot's to do at Granny's house...

Games to play and balls to bounce

Let's jump and slide and holler: "Hooray!"

Sylvester, Bugs, and Daffy

Taz and Lola too

Tweety's such a sweetie;

Now all we need is you!

Hey there, everybody, it's a Looney-ful day

To play the "Baby Looney Tunes" way.

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