Never Say Try

Counting song clips, "Never Say Try" is the 97th episode of all.


While Bugs is playing hide-and-seek, he finds Sylvester and tells him to wait out on the porch until he finds the others. This disappoints Sylvester because he is always found first. While he is waiting, a delivery man gives him a package. It is revealed to be a videotape on instructions for building kites. Sylvester and the other kids build kites to make them look like themselves. When Sylvester flies his kite, first it hits a tree, then a statue of Michigan J. Frog, and finally, it explodes. Sylvester, discouraged by this, refuses to ever fly or even see another kite again.

Lying on his bed, he is frightened by a popping sound, and it is Lola blowing bubbles with gum.

(More will be added)