Baby Melissa-1-

Baby Melissa is a bossy duckling. She often sticks with Baby Petunia.

Physical appearance

Baby Melissa is a cute and pretty female yellow duckling. She has green eyes and an orange ponytail which is held up by a green bow.


Despite her cuteness and beauty, she is a highly ambitious and thoughtful sort with a good nature, but at times she can be a control freak and get on the others nerves.


Voice Actresses

  • Janyse Jaud (US)
  • Haruhi Nanao (Japan)
  • Elsa Covian (Latin America)
  • Marie-Charlotte Leclaire (France)
  • Francesca Manicone (Italy)
  • Monika Wierzbicka (Poland)
  • Angélica Borges (Brazil)
  • Bárbara Lourenço (Portugal)
  • Talmács Márta (Hungary)
  • Afrodita Androne (Romania)



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