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Duck's Reflucks is the 102nd episode of Baby Looney Tunes.


Floyd takes the kids to Acme Portraits, where pictures are taken in front of a green screen and portraits are drawn, to have their picture taken for Granny. Daffy doesn't see any scenery. Floyd explains that it is a green screen and that the photographer, CJ, will take a picture of them right in front of it, and then the computer adds the choice of scene behind them over the green part. CJ, however, misses the days when they used to just draw the picture in with a plain old pencil. He reveals the choices of scenes, such as a basketball field, a vegetable garden (which Bugs wants), and an "alien invasion" (which Daffy wants). All the kids vote for the vegetable garden except Daffy, much to his dismay. He tries to make it look like the other kids are voting for his ideas, using his hands and feet, but gets tired from stretching, and the vegetable garden scene wins. Daffy refuses to join them in the picture because "space rangers do not do vegetable gardens". As their picture is being taken when CJ tells them to smile and say, "Merry Melody", and the kids do, Daffy just makes faces. CJ tries again and tells them to say "Maurice and Maltese". Unaware of the last word, they don't say it. Floyd then explains to Daffy that he knows he is bummed not getting his scenery, but that the portrait isn't for him or Bugs; it is for Granny. So he tells him to go with the flow. While Floyd goes with CJ to find some costumes, Bugs goes to get props.

Daffy tries passively getting even, such as using apples for veggies, and moving Bugs and the apples to a raft in an ocean. Bugs tells him apples are not vegetables, but fruit. Daffy tells him "And you're all wet", and uses the cutting tool to tip the raft and soak Bugs. Bugs then gets out a snorkel and mask and inner tube, asking for a game of Marco Polo, but Daffy darkens the screen with Bugs' outlines being white. Bugs removes the tab from the inner tube and it blows up. He then turns it into a towel and, understanding Daffy's anger, asks him to talk it over with him. Daffy tells Bugs that everyone is so used to taking Bugs' ideas all the time that they don't even listen to Daffy's, which makes him feel like he's painted into a corner, which makes him feel like he wants to paint him into a corner.

CJ (AKA Chuck Jones)


  • The part where Daffy uses the computer to make Bugs' body fade and end with a smile is just like the disappearance with the Cheshire Cat in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
  • The name of the episode is a refrence to "Duck Amuck" a short story about how Bugs is able to change Daffy's scenery and background in a form of animator, this episode is somewhat similiar to it too.
  • "CJ" is a caricature of Chuck Jones, who died 3 years prior, in 2002.