A Turtle Named Myrtle
Season 2, Episode 101
A Turtle Named Myrtle
Air date April 15 2005
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There's Nothing Like a Good Book

A Turtle Named Myrtle is the seventy-ninth episode of the whole series, and the nineteenth in the second season.


Floyd has taken all of the kids to the beach, and stops Melissa from asking for any supplies from the stand, only for her to get furious  and punch them down, thus making the salesman groan.

As the kids are about to build a sandcastle, Floyd gets his peace as Granny promised. Well, almost... as the other kids are angrily scolding at Melissa for taking their shovels, as she doubts she can work with her shovel for being bent-up and old. She requests a nice, pretty new one, but Floyd refuses. Even holding her breath doesn't work, as Floyd points out that it's dangerous. Melissa then throws a tantrum demanding a new shovel three times. After she gives up, she and Floyd refuse to talk to each other any longer. She then exaggerates over not getting what she wants, and starts digging, only to find a sea turtle pop out. She decides to keep the turtle and name her Myrtle. She intends to keep her to herself and not share her because she wasn't getting her way. As the other kids are coming to ask her to help build the castle, she hides Myrtle under a pail. As they are going back after Melissa refuses to join them, Myrtle moves under the pail, and Bugs finds her. Melissa tells them she is hers alone. The other kids help her take her home by filling the car with seawater.

Afterwards, Melissa begins to take Myrtle home, hiding her from Floyd, who asks what's going on. Melissa accidentally speaks up that she is hiding a turtle, and is forced to show Myrtle, and she tells him her idea. Floyd tells her a sea turtle wouldn't be happy away from the sea, so she puts her down on the sand. He then tells Melissa that Myrtle wants to be with her, but needs to be in the ocean, where she belongs. Myrtle is then shown to have "friends." After Melissa and Myrtle wave good-bye to each other, Floyd begins to take them home, promising to take them to see Myrtle and her friends again.

In the parking lot, as Floyd opens the car, he gets splashed with seawater and gets mad at Melissa, who forgot about "Myrtle's bowl."

At last, while building a sandcastle with the other kids, this time in the sandbox in Granny's backyard, Melissa begins to covet another shovel, but admits the one she had will do fine, and Bugs proclaims the castle, "Castle Myrtle."


This is (presumably) the second time Melissa complains that she "never" gets her way, the first time being "Pouting Match".

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